RC Car Bashing 101: What It Is and How to Get Started

If you’re new to RC cars, you may have heard the term ‘RC bashing,’ and you may be wondering what it refers to? 

The truth is that bashing is not as violent or destructive as you may imagine. It’s most RC owners’ favorite activity. 

In fact, if you own an RC car, you’ve probably already done some bashing of your own!

RC bashing is driving an RC car in an environment with no rules or regulations. The goal is to simply have fun with the car. Bashing can be doing stunts, jumps, or intense off-roading. Beaches, skate parks, and construction sites are great for bashing, and any RC car can go bashing.

Anyone who owns an RC car, or any RC vehicle for that matter, wants to enjoy their car. Most of us don’t want to compete in organized races and even those who do still want to have fun with their vehicles without organized structures. 

This is where RC bashing comes in. 

What Is RC Bashing?

The world of RC is full of events, races, and organized features. Still, sometimes RC car owners want to take their cars somewhere they can push their car’s limits without rules, courses, regulations, or limitations. 

This is what RC car bashing is all about. 

The name RC bashing sounds like something that will harm or otherwise damage RC cars. Still, the truth is that RC bashing is simply hooning your RC cars around an empty area to have fun. 

RC bashing has no rules, limitations, or regulations, which means it can be anything you want to be. RC bashing is simply taking your RC car to an area suitable for driving your RC car and having fun with it. 

Jumps, donuts, burnouts, tricks, intense off-roading, speed runs, and even unorganized races are all part of RC bashing. All you need is a radio-controlled car and some space to drive it. 

There are no RC tracks or courses to follow in bashing, and there are no limits to where RC bashing can be done. 

Me bashing around in my Traxxas Rustler VXL

RC bashing can be done anywhere with the space to do it, as long as you have permission to drive there and don’t cause property damage. 

As we have already learned, RC bashing can take many forms, but every type of RC car cab goes bashing somehow. RC trucks, buggies, and other off-roaders are great for off-road bashing. Still, if you can find an empty parking lot, another empty area of flat ground, even road-racing RC cars can go bashing!

There is no limit to what bashing can be! Take your RC car somewhere to have fun with it, whether on your own or with friends, and you can call it bashing!

Does Bashing Damage RC Cars?

The term ‘bashing’ sounds like something that would somehow cause harm or damage to RC cars, but this term refers to the spirit behind this type of RC driving. 

Bashing does not harm RC cars more than any other type of RC driving does, but it can be more hap-hazard than organized events. Still, you’re in control when bashing. So you can determine how far you push your RC cars and how much damage they sustain while bashing. 

When you go bashing with your RC car, try not to take your vehicle to its limits and have fun with it. 

This often means hitting ramps harder than you should, getting more air than you can handle, and cornering faster than your car ever has before. 

This type of reckless, fun driving can cause damage if you are an inexperienced RC driver. However, even bashing can become as safe for your RC cars as regular events and racing with practice. 

The reality is that you are in total control when bashing. You can decide how fast to drive, where to drive, what stunts to do, and the limits for your driving skill and RC cars. 

For this reason, RC bashing is not particularly dangerous for RC cars and will not cause damage unless you push your RC car too hard or too fast. 

Where To Go RC Bashing

RC bashing is the purest form of RC driving. It allows drivers to unleash the full potential of their vehicles, pushes the limit of their driving skills, and is outright fun as well!

It can be challenging to find the perfect location to go bashing. 

Fortunately, a wide range of locations can be used for RC bashing, regardless of what type of RC cars you have. 

Some ideal locations for RC bashing include:

  • Skate Parks
  • Industrial Parks and Lots
  • Parking Lots
  • Empty Land
  • ATV Trails
  • Parks
  • Off-Roading Trails
  • The Beach
  • BMX Tracks
  • Empty Reservoir Spillways
  • RC Tracks
  • Playgrounds
  • Quarries
  • Construction Sites
  • Mountain Bike Trails
  • Baseball Fields
  • Freestyle Motocross Tracks
  • Gravel Roads
  • Back Yard Tracks
  • Undeveloped Lots

Any area your RC car can drive on can be used for bashing, but be sure to get permission to drive your RC car on private property. 

Bashing on your own property is always legal if you have the room. 

Wrapping It Up

RC bashing is a great way to learn the limits of your RC cars, and it is a fantastic way to discover new driving skills. RC bashing will not harm your RC cars unless you push the limit too far, and everyone with an RC car of any kind can participate in bashing, so long as you go to the right place to do it. 

If you have never gone bashing, you’re missing out on some of the best fun possible with RC cars! 

Find an area where you can drive your RC car without limits, and take it for a spin! Push your vehicle, push your driving skills, and enjoy the car you have invested so much money and time into!

Tim Wells

Tim Wells is the creator and driving force behind ClutchRC.com. His passion for RC cars began when he caught a glimpse of a Kyosho Optima while on a family trip to Japan. Although he couldn't afford it then, the seed of his RC car hobby had been planted, and he knew he had to have one. Fast forward a few years, and he could finally dive head-first into the hobby as an adult. He found a ton of websites and YouTubers doing crazy stunts with their expensive RC cars but very few resources for the average person who just wants to go out and have fun. That's when he launched his RC car website: ClutchRC.

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