Why Won’t My Traxxas Battery Charge?

Every RC car requires a battery to run. There are two main types of RC batteries, including LiPo and NiMH batteries, and both battery types are not immune to problems. It’s common where your NiMH or LiPo battery simply will not charge. This article will explore what may prevent your Traxxas battery from charging and what to do about it.

A loose or damaged battery connection, a broken battery cell circuit, a faulty battery charger, or dirty or damaged charging terminals may prevent your Traxxas RC battery from charging correctly. Also, the battery may have been over-discharged, leading to a failed battery cell. 

There are several reasons why a Traxxas battery may not charge. The problem can be solved relatively quickly in most circumstances, but some situations may leave a battery completely unrecoverable. Fortunately, most batteries can be saved and work properly after solving the problem.  

Why Is My Traxxas Battery Not Charging?

Without a charged battery, an RC car is useless. Every RC car requires a functionally charged battery to run, which means charging RC car batteries is critical. 

However, the unfortunate truth is that RC cars’ battery and power system is the most unreliable system and component within the car. Most issues with RC cars have to do with the battery, which can be very frustrating. 

One common problem that occurs with RC car batteries is failing to charge. If your Traxxas RC car battery is not charging, there are some simple reasons why this issue has happened. Still, some reasons may require you to replace the battery altogether. 

Let’s explore the most common reasons why a Traxxas battery may not charge properly. 

The Battery May Have A Loose Connection

All RC car batteries must have a way to connect to the car and the battery charger. These connections are usually a set of wires that connect the batteries to the battery charger’s charging terminals or the car’s power terminals. 

If these wires become disconnected, loose, frayed, or damaged, it may prevent the battery from receiving sufficient current from the charger.

The damage, disconnection, or break may occur at the batter, within the wires, or at the charging terminal end of the wires. 

Carefully inspect the connectors to determine if this may be the source of the non-charging issue. 

There May Be A Problem With A Charging Terminal

The charging terminals on the battery or battery chargers are delicate. If these terminals become damaged, disconnected, or even if they get dirty, they may not allow the battery to charge. 

A complete connection between the terminals on the battery and the charger is required to charge the battery correctly. 

Inspect the terminals on the charger and the battery charger to check for any irregularities, dirt, grime, damage, or loose connections. These issues may prevent the battery from charging well or from charging at all. 

An Electrical Circuit May Be Broken Or Damaged

Most RC car batteries comprise multiple battery cells connected with an electrical circuit. If any part of the circuit that connects the battery cells is broken or damaged, the battery will no longer charge. 

It should be easy to see any cracks or damage to the battery with a quick visual inspection. Depending on how bad the break in the circuit is, the battery may be completely unusable. 

However, if the damage is minor, it may be repaired, allowing the battery to charge. 

The Battery Charger May Be Damaged

This scenario is somewhat underplayed in the RC community because no one wants to admit that they broke their battery charger. Still, it is a more common problem than you may realize. 

Your Traxxas battery may not be charging because part of the charger has been damaged. This could be the charger itself, the charger terminals, the power connection to the wall socket, or the charging cable to the battery. 

Should any charger component become damaged, it is unlikely to charge any battery, even if the lights on the charger do turn on. 

The Battery May Have Been Over-Discharged

A surprisingly common issue with RC batteries is over-discharging. If an RC car battery is over-discharged by over-use or misuse, a cell in the battery may become unbalanced and fail to recharge. 

If this occurs, the entire battery will be unable to charge. The charger will provide an error code, or the battery will simply not charge. This is the most challenging issue to resolve in the case of a Traxxas battery not charging. 

How To Solve Battery Problems 

If you discover one of these issues with either your battery or charger, it may be possible to repair it and get your Traxxas battery charging again. 

Let’s learn the solutions to these common battery issues. 

Reconnect Loose Connectors Or Wires

If any connections from your battery are disconnected, damaged, or broken, simply restoring the connection will allow the battery to recharge normally. 

Locate the loose connection, and repair it if you can. This may be as straightforward as pushing a connector back into place. It may be as complicated as removing the wire shielding and resoldering a broken connection. 

Once the connection is restored, the battery will recharge as normal. 

Repair The Charging Terminal

A faulty or dirty charging terminal is a relatively common problem with Traxxas batteries. To solve this problem, inspect the charging terminals on the battery and the charger. 

Clean off any visible dirt or grime from all of the connections. If the battery will still not charge, try removing the terminals and replacing them or reconnecting any loose or broken connections that you may find. This will allow the battery to recharge.

Repair Or Replace The Charger

If your Traxxas battery charger has been damaged or a charger component is no longer functional. In that case, the easiest solution is to simply buy a new charger. If the damage is minor, you may be able to repair it if you have the right equipment. 

However, a faulty charger may cause more problems in the future, so it is always better to replace a charger that is not functioning. 

Attempt To Revive The Battery

If your Traxxas battery has been over-discharged, reviving the battery can be very difficult. The battery may be completely broken and unusable. Still, if the damage to the battery is not too severe, it may be revived with the correct processes and equipment. 

If your Traxxas battery has been over-discharged, take the battery to your local RC store and ask the staff to attempt a battery revive. This is the most effective and safest way to restore the battery since they’ve probably seen this issue before. They’ll usually have the right equipment for the job and are likely to have more success than you are. 


There is usually a simple explanation if your Traxxas battery is not charging. The typical cause is some form of battery or charger damage that can be easily repaired with the right tools. Still, if the battery has been over-discharged, it may be time to buy a new battery. 

If you have any charging issues with your Traxxas batteries, the best way to solve them is to take your battery and charger to your local hobby shop. The staff should be able to troubleshoot it and resolve the issue quickly. 

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