RC Track Ideas

Everyone who owns RC cars enjoys driving them, and most people who own high-performing RC cars want to race them. Still, not everywhere has a safe place to drive RC cars, and only a few places have full-fledged RC tracks. 

This leaves many RC car racers wanting to construct their own RC racing track. 

Every RC track is unique, and the features of the track are what make it exciting to drive. The combination of obstacles, jumps, and tight corners with well-made banks make a great track. When building an RC track, consider track drainage and driver visibility carefully. 

Every RC track is unique, but there are some important factors to consider when constructing your own RC racing track. With that in mind, the most challenging part of building a new track is coming up with good ideas for the track. Let’s explore some good track ideas and help you construct your dream RC track.

What Makes A Good RC Track?

There are some similarities between the best RC racetracks. It is essential to learn from these excellent tracks when constructing your own. 

Let’s examine what makes a good RC track. 

Good RC tracks are enjoyable to drive. This is the first and most important aspect of a good RC track. 

No RC driver enjoys a track that is boring or too easy. This means that a good RC track must be interesting without being too challenging, either. 

A good RC racetrack has a variety of obstacles based on the cars that use the track. A drift track, for example, would have a very different set of obstacles than a short-course racetrack. 

The cars are more fragile too, which makes installing jumps a terrible idea. However, these cars can easily handle very sharp bends and fast straights.

Off-road RC racers are more rugged but less agile, so they can’t handle super tight bends or hairpins. However, they thrive with challenging obstacles, jumps, and obstructions. 

Many RC tracks aren’t too long and are versatile enough to be used for any racing format. They’re well-built, well-thought-out, and allow the drivers to see the entire course from their vantage point. 

In the end, think carefully about the track and the cars that will use it. Only then will you find a way to make the track great, and every driver that uses it will come to love it!

RC cars cornering on a race track

Some Good RC Track Ideas And Considerations

When constructing your own RC track, decide whether it will be used just by you or if you plan to use it to hold some amateur races. Either way, there are some important considerations to make along the way. 

No matter what, some tried-and-true RC track features and ideas have proven to be driver favorites. They will elevate your track into the real of the greatest RC tracks around!

Let’s explore some good RC track ideas and considerations when constructing your own track for RC cars. 

Include Track Jumps

Jumps and ramps are a standard feature on most tracks built for buggies, trucks, and monster trucks. An RC track without jumps is almost unheard of. 

Including some jumps makes your track interesting to drive and fun to watch, but be sure to not make them too big to too close together for the sake of the cars. 

Use Wide And Narrow Track Sections

A wide section at the track’s starting point allows all cars to line up for an even start. 

However, using a collection of wide and narrow sections allows the drivers to choose their racing lines carefully, making racing more enjoyable overall. 

This is an excellent way to keep the track interesting and increase the difficulty of the course without making it too challenging.

Include Track Obstacles

Track obstacles are a great way to make a track interesting. Using a patch of thick gravel or large stones on an off-road track, building chicanes into the course, or even placing some log obstacles or climbs on the track can challenge drivers and cars of all types. 

Be sure to tailor your track obstacles based on the type of driving or racing that the track will be used for and the type of vehicles that will use the track. 

Use Interesting Track Banks

Corner banks are track features often added unintentionally. Still, an intentionally well-crafted bank can make an impossible corner very drivable or make a dull corner far more fun to navigate. 

This is especially true for tight turns such as hairpin turns that lead directly into fast straight sections. 

Remember Track Visibility

An important consideration to make is track visibility. The track should be visible at all times to the car’s drivers.

This is important for the safety and success of the cars on the track. 

Remember Track Drainage

An important consideration that many track builders forget is to remember water drainage. If your track has steep banks facing uphill, there will be nowhere for rain or groundwater to flow, ultimately ruining the track. 

Always carefully consider how water can leave the track to keep its operation for future use. 


Many features can be used on RC racetracks. Still, the most important part of the design process is to plan the track well before beginning construction. Take your time to plan and draw your track before building it, and you will quickly find what will work well for your space.

Every RC track is unique, so make yours unique as well! 

Consider the cars that will be using it, and build it according to your favorite racing styles. 

Draw inspiration from tracks you like, and soon you will have an excellent place to race your RC cars!

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